Monday, September 7, 2020

 Today I had a great day watching a female Monarch butterfly sipping nectar off of my Zinnia's and then flitting around my milkweed dropping eggs everywhere she went.  I got this on camera ya'll!!!  It was fascinating to watch and to know in about 5-7 days I will have these little caterpillars wandering around.  I did take a few in to watch the process unfold.  

I have decided to scrapbook a few of these and hang in a frame inside of my Butterfly Shopette.  Yes, a new name that my husband and I came up with recently.  I was casually calling it my shop when I said I was headed there.  My husband's building is his shop.  In the Air Force, we had these little convenient stores on base called shoppettes.  So now you know where we got the name.  His "shop" and my "shopette".

I'm going to attach a couple of pictures from this weekend.  I finally caught a ruby-throated hummingbird in action.  Those little things are hard to get a picture of.  They are sure filling up on nectar and I know it won't be long before they are migrating.  I will miss these little guys but will look forward to their return in the Spring.  The other pictures are of the female monarch in various stages.  She is actually dropping an egg on the milkweed.  I'm hoping these could be migrators.  

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.  Blessings to all until next time.



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